The Essential Sales and Trade Planning Foundation For Emerging Brands.

The Modus Cloud Planner was tailor-made for emerging brands, enabling:

  • One collaborative source of truth.

  • Impressive analytics for buyers and investors.

  • Instant scalability when the business expands

  • Workflows for seamless upgrading. 

Get Up and Running in Minutes

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Plan Distribution

Plan distribution by retailer by product group and include anticipated velocities. 

Plan Promos

Develop promotional plans and input all of the associated lifts and spends.

Track Results

Overlay scan consumption data in the forecast to see a year-to-date/year-to-go view.

Forecast Better

Manage your forward looking forecast using actual data for both baselines and promotions 

Plan Distribution


Plan distribution by Retailer / Product Group, overlay promotional plans, and view the entire brand’s fundamentals.


•View gross sales forecasts.

•Understand trade rates.

•View projected retailer margins.

•Track average pricing.


Overlay scan data to refine the forecast and understand year-to-date/year-to-go pacing.

Plan Promotions

Create promotion scenarios by retailer across product groups.


Once a scenario is accepted, calendarize the promotions directly in this interface.


Understand metrics such as:


•Incremental promoted units

•Trade funding per unit

•Costs per incremental units

•Retailer profit and margin

•Net Sales

Once the promotions are calendarized, they’re rolled right into the shared plan.


Pro Move:

Easily overlay your sales data to continuously refine the forecast and gain and understanding of how your business is developing.