Customer Order Validation

Advocate For Your Brand Like Never Before and Make Your Sales Plan a Reality

Modus Planning's Customer Order Validation was developed through hands-on experience to deliver what brands need to execute their business profitably:

  • Reduce waste and spoils

  • Prevent Out-of-Stocks

  • Ensure Customer Orders are Fair

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Modus Planning & Your Organization

Beat Shrink and Out-of-Stocks:  Monitor Customer Days-on-Hand Like Never Before

  • Distributor and direct inventory information is uploaded as available

  • Past and future order information is uploaded into Modus

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  • Customer service reviews the customers' days-on-hand

  • Customer Service collaborates with Sales and the customer to right-size orders before they ship.

  • Customers and consumers alike are delighted to find your products on shelf 

Learn more about best-in-class Customer Order Validation from our friends at Levain Bakery


Customer Order Validation Made Simple

Brands (and the Earth) Can't Afford Product Spoilage. Modus Planning Helps Prevent It. 

After everything you put into delivering your products, don't let all that effort end up in costly spoilage in customer warehouses.


The customer days-on-hand report is a one-stop shop to project customer inventory positions.

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Pro Move:

Download the Shrink Risk Report to quickly see all of the spoilage risk in your outbound network.

Out-of-Stocks are Unacceptable for a Growing Brand. Mitigate Risk Before the Order Ships.

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Being a new brand at a distributor is tough. 


​Understand the customer's stock-position when open orders deliver and create order scenarios to build the correct sales order to ensure the customer stays in stock.

No longer should brands be beholden to the "telephone game" of ensuring promotional activity and new items are ordered for. Modus Planning gives brands the tools they need to advocate for themselves. 

Pro Move:

Make the New Distribution report a regular part of your S&OP process to understand and confirm when pipe-fills are planned and the items the retailers will take. 

Charge Back Periods Shouldn't be Supply Chain & Trade Nightmares.

When distributors take advantage of an MCB and buy in quantities that far exceed the forecast, this behavior, not only hurts the anticipated trade rate, but it creates supply chain whiplash and out-of-stock situations.

Call out these situations clearly and make sure that the demand plan is protected.

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Pro Move:

Download the days-on-hand report to find the largest offending DCs quickly and engage the buyer.

Let's Take Your Order Validation Process
into the 21st Century.