How Beyond Better Foods Used Modus Planning to Transcend the Spreadsheet.

Updated: Jan 11

An Interview with Jen Haberman, VP Sales Beyond Better Foods

Beyond Better Foods Fact Sheet


Category: Healthy Snacks and Deserts

Distribution: National Conventional ; National Natural / Specialty ; E-Commerce

No. of Products: 100+

On Modus Since: Spring 2018

About Beyond Better Foods

Founded in 2012, Beyond Better Foods is on a mission to craft food products that are delicious and nutritious. Once a personal trainer, Founder and CEO Michael Shoretz began Enlightened Ice Cream in 2013, seeking to create an ice cream that went beyond simply "low fat" and "low sugar" alternatives. He was passionate about creating an ice cream that was good for you, adding protein while keeping both fat and sugar low (Watson, Daily Reporter, 2013). In addition to Enlightened Ice Cream, Beyond Better Foods also includes a wide range of better-for-you snacking options, including cheesecakes and chocolate syrups. Bada Bean Bada Boom, a healthy broad bean snack to compete with traditional, unhealthy snack alternatives such as chips. With all of their products generating substantial sales growth, Beyond Better Foods has become a staple in the healthy snack industry and in the hearts of millions of customers in the US and Canada.

The Challenge

Prior to using Modus Planning's cloud-based platform, Beyond Better Foods faced trade issues related to the deep fragmentation of their overall process. Rather than an integrated system to manage, Beyond Better Foods used many diverse spreadsheets to plan every aspect of trade, which created many isolated realities versus one cohesive plan for the company. This disorganization led to missed opportunities and frustration as the company continued to grow at a breakneck pace.

Before Modus, "We had different people managing different elements so everything was fragmented... and an absolute nightmare." - Jen Haberman

The Modus Planning Solution in Action

Jen Haberman asserts that "post-Modus, everything lives in the same place... really we pull everything out of Modus." Using Modus turned Beyond Better Foods into a streamlined, focused, and communicative CPG powerhouse. From trade promotion to distribution and financial forecasts, along with every aspect in between, Modus Planning provides one centralized system to evaluate each part of the business. This allows employees to better understand the bigger picture and how one aspect impacts another. Beyond Better Foods said goodbye to the frustration of separate spreadsheets and fragmented workflows.

Modus Planning Meets the Innovation Process

"Being able to trust our production forecast, our demand forecast-- it allows us to spend more time thinking about what we can add to the assortment versus maintaining the assortment." - Jen Haberman

Statistical modeling struggles when it comes to the innovation process, but Modus Planning offers a solution to this common challenge. Instead of focusing on maintenance, teams at Beyond Better Foods can now focus on innovation-- and can do so much faster than their pre-Modus Planning days. Innovation is now a true focal point of the business, which has always been a goal of Beyond Better Foods. Jen Haberman claims that the "biggest problem is naming conventions" because they are innovating so quickly.

Benefits Realized

+50 Products Launched

Revenue has More Than Doubled

$500,000 - $1,000,000 Annual Savings Reported

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