How Levain Bakery Uses Modus Planning to Position their Retail Journey for Success

An Interview with:

Amy Boysen, VP of Sales

Anthony LaGrasso, VP of Supply Chain

Kristen Winters, CPG Supply Chain Coordinator

Levain Bakery Fact Sheet


Category: Premium Pre-Made Frozen Cookies

Distribution: National Conventional ; National Natural / Specialty ; E-Commerce

No. of Products: 8

On Modus Since: Winter 2020

About Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery has become a household name by selling arguably New York City’s best cookies from their bakery locations since 1995. In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, Levain Bakery was able to continue their momentous expansion and launched their new line of frozen cookie products that are now available in grocery stores nationwide. Recognizing their need for better software to support their growth in retail, Levain Bakery sought to implement Modus Planning software.

The Challenge

Breaking into the retail space, Levain Bakery's goal was to ensure they were doing business as efficiently and intelligently as possible. Enter Modus Planning. Because Levain Bakery was able to leverage Modus Planning since the very start of their expansion, they are a fantastic example of the immense benefits that come with early implementation to set a solid planning and execution foundation.

“The earlier you can start putting in the master data, the better. We feel thatwe started using Modus Planning at the perfect time."

- Anthony LaGrasso, VP of Supply Chain

The Modus Planning Solution in Action

Implementing Modus Planning early on allowed Levain Bakery to not only save time and money, but to train their team from the start and create greater efficiency as all team members are working on the same collaborative, cloud-based platform. Brands who implement early know that familiarizing themselves with our software when the stakes are lower makes a huge difference long-term.

“Modus makes it easy for people who are not going to find the insight in a spreadsheet to visually see how to make their business work smarter.” - Amy Boysen VP of Sales

Understand Your Business and Collaborate with Customers with Best-in-Class Visualization

Allowing separate teams at Levain Bakery see the same live data at the same time creates highly productive, focused, and collaborative discussions. Nobody feels "left in the dark" without access to the data.

Additionally, when working with buyers, Levain Bakery draws on the visual benefits of the platform, which is key to keeping everyone on the same page. Showing counterparties the charts and visuals that Modus Planning provides helps buyers to get on board and helps parties agree on the correct order numbers, whether they be new pipe-fill orders or promotions. Modus Planning takes a process that can be segmented and isolating and turns it into a truly collaborative experience.

By integrating scan data, shipment history, and future plans, the Customer Service team at Levain Bakery serves a fool-proof visual to grocery buyers that ensures that the validated sales plan is realized in customer orders. Regarding customer orders, Amy Boysen states:

“The good thing about Modus is that we can figure out where the mistakes are being made, really dig in, troubleshoot, and correct them."

Levain Bakery cookies are being sold in the frozen food section in retailers nationwide.

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