Mason Dixie on the many benefits of Modus Planning to Support Exponential Growth

Updated: Jan 11

An Interview with Jess Boroi, Director of Sales Strategy

Mason Dixie Foods Fact Sheet


Category: Premium Frozen Baked Goods & Breakfast

Distribution: National Conventional ; National Natural / Specialty

No. of Products: 30+

On Modus Since: Spring 2021

About Mason Dixie Foods

Ayeshah Abuelhiga, the Founder of Mason Dixie, is a first generation American. She was inspired by her parents' commitment to serving high quality foods with wholesome ingredients despite the time, effort, and money that it took to do so. Through her parents, she learned the value and importance of eating quality foods and treating the body right, but quickly discovered how challenging it was to find high quality comfort food, such as biscuits, rolls, scones, and sandwiches. Because she could not find quality comfort food herself, she decided to make her own. In 2014, she founded Mason Dixie to provide comfort food without sacrificing quality, real, wholesome ingredients to people around the country.

The Challenge

As a small business with big ideas, growth was always the goal. However, as a two-person team doing absolutely everything to keep up, Mason Dixie needed a demand planning system that could compliment their sudden exponential growth-- and fast. With data spread across nine different Excel spreadsheets, it was difficult to get a comprehensive view of the big picture, which Mason Dixie needed to keep up with great demand for their good products. In short, Mason Dixie needed a solution to manage the data they had in order to scale their business with increased demand, and Modus Planning had the bottoms-up answer.

"At any time of any day at any moment, you can feel free to pull that demand plan... pull that slotting forecast and it's accurate to the best of our knowledge at that very minute."

- Jess Boroi

The Modus Planning Solution in Action

Mason Dixie is still in the process of fully implementing Modus Planning as a focal point within their S&OP planning, but Jessica Borai is not worried about onboarding their new demand planner. Instead of spending time preparing for the S&OP meetings, Jess knows that she simply needs to do a quick export on Modus and all the data she desires will be ready to go. "Every time I am asked for something, I just say, 'Go ahead and export it [from Modus Planning]."

Using Modus Planning, Mason Dixie's different departments, whether that be Operations, Sales, or otherwise has the capability to see the same data all of the time, thus enabling greater cross-departmental communication so that everyone is on the same page. Further, Modus Planning saves time. Jess claims that she went from manually updating multiple spreadsheets to one dynamic update in the Modus Planning system, which not only reduces time wasting activity, but also reduces opportunity for human error, saving money in the process.

Mason Dixie Looks to the Future Using Modus Planning

"From that... place of managed chaos into an organized system like Modus, where we have both historical information, hyper-accurate current distribution, and also the ability to forecast in a way that is structured and logical is just a massive step forward for our business."

- Jess Boroi

It is clear that Mason Dixie is focused on the future, and with Modus Planning as a partner, the opportunities for growth are plentiful. Using Modus Planning, teams can plan for various scenarios with ease. The system incorporates industry best practices, which makes Modus Planning a reliable tool that teams can use with confidence. The data is centralized, reliable, and available in an instant.

"And that's the point of a tool that is available to everyone 24/7 is that the level of transparency, of independent efficiency that's enabled means that I don't have to have a meeting" for every touch point." - Jess Boroi

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