Sales & Demand Planning

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Collaborative Sales & Demand Planning

The core bottom-up planning module of Modus allowing you to:

  • Plan Retailer Assortments​ and Velocities

  • Plan Volume by Ship-To​

  • Transform the sales plan into the demand plan

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Modus Planning & Your Organization

The Most Up-to-Date Forecast, Always at Your Fingertips

  • When Sales receives category reset news, new items are added to the retailer with the associated timing, store counts and velocities.

  • Sales inputs promotional plans and instantly sees the volume and gross sales implications.

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  • Operations plans for the initial "pipe-fill" and the step change in volume to ensure the business can be delivered.

  • Operations anticipates spikes in demand straight from the promotional plan.

Because All Departments Plan in Modus, Your Team is Never Surprised.

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Sales Planning Made Simple

Fact-Based Forecasting and
Knowledge Management - Made Easy

Everything you need to know about your retailers - in one place.

  • Assortments

  • Everyday Spends 

  • Supply Mapping

  • Promotional Terms

  • SSAs and other Misc. Trade Terms

Update metrics on a forecast, so you can accurately plan transitions through the year.

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Pro Move:

Easily incorporate any actual data you have access to, from across the value chain, to continuously refine the forecast variables and hone your understanding of your business. 

Transform the Sales Plan into the Demand Plan through Quick & Easy Variables

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The sales plan, based on consumption can be transformed to project how customers order through:

  • Delivery Offsets

  • Stock Requirement Logic

  • "Pipe-Fill" variables

This gives Operations the demand plan they need to ensure product is ready in the right place at the right time.

Pro Move:

Shippers behave differently between the Consumption and the Delivery Forecasts to more accurately reflect how the product moves in the supply chain.

Layer in the E-Commerce and Other Channels to See Your Brand's Whole Picture

Modus Planning's forecast build logic is not exclusively for modelling retail sales. E-Commerce products and rates of sale can be added to co-exist with the retail business.  

Retail outlets are also modelled using Modus' bottom-up methodology as offerings rates of sale are tracked.

The foodservice channel is incorporated relying on distributor orders and weekly run rates.

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Pro Move:

Add in E-commerce orders on top of retail orders to have both sources of actuals represented. 

Let's Take Your Planning Process into the 21st Century.