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Production & Inventory Planning

Modus Planning Gives You Go-To-Market Execution Super Powers.

Everything you ever wanted from a supply planning system, seamlessly integrated with the sales plan:

  • Plan Production Orders

  • Allocate Production to Your Outbound DCs

  • Plan Bills of Material & Raw Material Requirements


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Modus Planning & Your Organization

The Supply Planning Flow Has Never Been More Seamless

  • The Sales Plan is transformed into a requirement plan, forecasting when product needs to leave the dock to customers. 

  • Supply Planning creates production orders based on network-wide inventory positions.

Ice cream production
  • Supply Planning allocates stock across the network and builds out inbound truck loads.

  • Supply Planning consistently evaluates the network for out-of-stocks and spoilage risk as the plan actualizes.

Supply Planning Made Simple

Plan Production Orders with Confidence

The network days-on-hand view that you've been waiting for.

Create production orders to achieve a target days-on-hand, taking into account the nuances of prior attainment and demand plan accuracy.

2022-01-12 21_12_49-Network Inventory.png
2022-01-12 21_51_31-Network Inventory.png

Pro Move:

Modus Planning's auto-production calculator gives you the cases needed to hit a target distribution network days-on-hand.

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The Easy Stock Allocation & Deployment Solution your Transportation Team Has Been Searching For

Once product has been produced, it's all about getting it to the right spot in time.


Modus Planning's stock allocation and truck building utility allows brands to understand delivery timing, truck utilization, and picking accuracy.

Pro Move:

Modus' auto-deploy feature spreads product as needed to hit days on hand targets by DC. It gives you a great place to start your deployment allocations.

Sales Plans Change, Make Sure Your Vendors Are In The Know

Bills of Materials on the product records in Modus allow the creation of comprehensive raw material forecasts, including units of measure as well as product costs.

As the sales plan changes, pull an updated raw material forecast in seconds. 

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Pro Move:

Modus' snapshot functionality ensures you always know what version of the forecast you sent to vendors and how it has actualized since.

Let's Take Your Supply Planning Process
into the 21st Century.