Trade Promotion Management

A Fully Featured Trade System that Aligns the Organization Like No Other.

Modus Planning's Trade Promotion Management was developed hand-in-hand with industry experts to handle whatever situations needed:

  • Scenario Plan Retail Accounts

  • View Promotions and Metrics in a Calendar

  • Approval Workflows for Complete Control

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Modus Planning & Your Organization

A TPM system that Not Only Plans Sales and Promotions,
but Ensures the Plan Happens

  • Sales and Trade input the promotional, slotting, and miscellaneous trade plans for the retailer base.

  • Sales and Finance can accrue for trade spend among finely detailed accounting buckets and capture expected sales.

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  • Customer Service can validate that orders are sufficient to supply the promotion.  

  • Finance uses Modus to compare the actual deductions vs. the planned deductions in trade reconciliation.

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Trade Promotion Planning Made Simple

Preparing for a Category Review or Building a Full Budget Outlook, Your Scenario Planning Needs Are Covered

Modus Planning's Scenario Builder allows you to build quick annual forecast scenarios using different bottom-up variables and promotional frequencies.

Many product groups? No problem! The Scenario Builder can handle them all while giving you a full roll-up view as well. 

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If you're working to build a large scale scenario, incorporating multiple retailers, Modus Planning's "Snapshot" feature allows you to create your own personal planning sandbox.

Pro Move:

You can calendarize your promotions directly in the scenario planning interface once the retailer has approved your plan.

Modus Planning Gives You Ultimate Control Over Your Promotion Calendar and Details

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Giving you complete control is our goal.


With various promotional cost structures and bulk download/upload options, you can create a full year promotion calendar in minutes instead of days.

Promotional templates give you the ability to compare how promotions actually performed vs. the initial forecast.

Pro Move:

Download and upload promotions in bulk to make sweeping additions or changes a snap. No more dreading the yearly budget build.

As Your Sales Team Expands, Keep Control Over Your Trade Promotion Programming.

Defined user permissions allow trade managers to review the effects of a promotion and approve it into the plan.

Additionally, users can be given permissions to alter promotional timing, without impacting trade, to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on when your programming is being run. 

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Pro Move:

User permissions can restrict visibility to certain retailers, allowing brokers to collaborate on managing the promotion calendar risk-free in real time. 

Let's Take Your Trade Promotion Management
Process into the 21st Century.