Our Story

Ryan Moore, our CEO, started out planning complex, highly seasonal, ice cream category products at Unilever before being recruited to Icelandic Provisions, a rapidly growing dairy yogurt start-up.

In the start-up world, the only thing Ryan had was his spreadsheet. Fed up with his complex files taking forever to calculate and not being able to easily merge in Sales inputs, he knew there must be a better way.

Meanwhile, Miles Dickinson, our CTO, was patiently honing his engineering skills, ready for opportunity. Ryan called Miles to pitch Modus Planning. The next day, Miles put in his notice at GE, to build the platform from the ground up, and the rest is history.

Our Mission

To organize, optimize, and orchestrate the flow of goods throughout the world’s supply chain.

Our Philosophy

Modus Planning’s applications were created by CPG people for CPG people.

We believe in giving world-changing brands everything they need to plan and execute their business using a complete, holistic approach.

We strive to develop products and processes that are massively impactful on the bottom-line, while being easier to afford, and even easier to learn.

This philosophy guides our approach to every client relationship.  We desire to create long-lasting, robust partnerships where community feedback allows us to optimize and refine our products to drive the most value possible.

Meet the Team!

We're a group of lovely people, who take pride in our work and put each other first.

Ryan Moore
Co-Founder and CEO

Ryan is experienced in planning growing CPG brands of all sizes, and he knew there had to be a better way than the typical spreadsheet.

Ryan was the first Modus user and genuinely understands what it takes for brands to succeed.

Miles Dickinson
Co-Founder and CTO

Miles is passionate about giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed, and has been building web-applications for over 15 years.

Miles became the first full time employee at Modus Planning, architecting the platform one line of code at a time.

Torrey Kolesar
Head of Customer Success

In his illustrious career, Torrey has worked with some of the world’s largest CPG brands as a Strategy Consultant with Strategy& - PWC.

In 2022, Torrey followed his passion of helping CPG brands grow and succeed by joining the Modus Planning team, where he ensures  customers are set up and operating at their best!

Marisa Randles
Marketing Director

Marisa joins Modus with an extensive experience in the F&B industry.

She previously founded two businesses- a yoga studio in Phoenix and a globally renowned veggie cafe in Asia. After her successful ventures in the east, Marisa pursued a career in managing creative direction, branding, design, and packaging projects primarily in the CPG, wellness and beauty spaces.

Marisa is enthusiastic about joining the Modus team and leveraging her cumulative background in entrepreneurship, restaurant management, retail, and design!

Jill Banko
Customer Success Manager

Jill comes to Modus with 10 years of supply and demand planning experience.

She started her planning career at Armada managing redistribution for major fast food chains. Jill found a passion for creating supply chain planning processes and joined Fifth Season to build out the supply and demand planning functions for their perishable pre-packaged greens and salads.

During her time there, she became a Modus super-user by working closely with the Modus team to implement best planning practices into the system.

Jill’s passion for improving supply chains lead her to join the Modus team!