Future-Proof your Sales Planning, Tracking, and Visibility

Modus Planning is the infrastructure that growing brands trust because it’s not just about planning, but making sure the brand is hitting its number.

Plan assortments, overlay seasonality, and schedule promotions. Persistently track progress vs. your goals across all metrics and
retail accounts.

Some of the incredible brands That Trust Modus Planning

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It’s not just about planning, it's about
making sure the plan happens.

Future-Proofed Planning

Drive Best-In-Class Results from Your Planning Process

Structure Your Sales Planning Data for Scale

Make sure you control your data and your data doesn’t control you. We’ve seen a hundred different spreadsheets with a hundred different errors. Don’t let predictable and preventable mistakes throw your brand out of stock, or worse, get discontinued. 

Modus’ approach future-proofs your organization’s sales planning data to remain manageable, accessible, and auditable.

Forward Manage the Business to Hit Your Plan

With best-in-class visibility comes insights to drive efficiencies. From decreasing out-of-stocks and spoilage to optimizing trade promotions, Modus Planning gives you the information you need to execute brilliantly.

Find the Why in Business Performance

With the plan structured at every level of the value chain, we can build unparalleled visibility into how the brand is performing and pinpoint the root cause of an issue. 

You gain internal visibility as well. With Modus, every forecast change is tracked, so you always know what changed, who changed it, and why.

Never Be Surprised

Save Time with All of Your Sales Planning Resources in One Place

Plan Any Trade Program with ease

Stackable promotions allow you to model a TPR, with a coupon overlay, while on an endcap. Plan across all of a distributor's retailers to model national deals quickly.

See the impacts of your promotions across gross sales, trade funding, net sales, and volume.

Integrate and Overlay Actual Performance Data

Understand shipment performance against the customer forecasts to understand your largest drivers of error at the ship-to level. Overlay consumption data to drill down and understand forecast velocity, pricing, and promotion performance at the retailer.

Plan New Item Launches & Cannibalization

Plan shelf resets and new item launches to instantly communicate the volume to supply chain.

Easily plan for cannibalization for specific retailers or across the business in minutes, not days.

Move Incredibly Fast with Automatic Forecast Recommendations

Save time and increase accuracy with Modus’ recommendations engine. dentify and refine baselines by product and promotion lifts by event. Modus will also make sure your data is clean and flag any potential exceptions. Understand the recommendations’ impact to the plan and accept them.

Baseline Velocities

Refine product-level baseline velocities at scale and see the impacts to the plan across gross sales, trade, and volume. 

Promotion Lifts

Based on the refined baselines, Modus automatically calculates promotion lifts to make the forecast smarter and smarter.

Dynamic Exception Flags

Pricing, store count, and other discrepancies are flagged and omitted from the recommendation engine.

Custom Propagation

Select how far into the future the forecast changes, perfect for aligning Ops, Sales, and Finance.

Fact-Based Bottom-Up Planning That
Scales with Your Brand

Everyone has their own version of the spreadsheet, and everyone knows it can't scale. Modus Planning is the standard infrastructure you need to future-proof your brand.

Get Started
Why Modus Planning

Upskill your team with Modus University

Everyone on Modus has access to the Modus University, a collection of courses that not only teaches you what the buttons do, but walks you through many of the best practices of forecasting and collaborative planning.

Learn Best Practices from our Experts

We’ll learn all about your business processes to craft your Modus account exactly how you need it. From there, we’ll walk you through all of the best practices that we’ve learned from the dozens of brands Modus has helped through the years.  

Start-up Friendly Terms

Onboarding fees, charges for more users, and fees for training are just not how we operate. Our goal is to make Modus Planning as accessible as possible 

We do the Heavy Lifting

In the fast-paced world of growing a CPG brand, the team has little time to onboard data. Let our experts ask a few questions then get rolling on the data onboarding process. We’ll take care of the 80/20 so your team can focus on running the business.

Case Studies

Enlightened Uses Modus Planning as the centra hub of their Sales Planning Data.

Enlightened is one of the largest purveyors of better for you snacks, known for their protein-rich ice cream pints, novelties, and other amazing treats.


Prior to using Modus Planning's cloud-based platform, Beyond Better Foods faced trade issues related to the deep fragmentation of their overall process. Rather than an integrated system to manage, Beyond Better Foods used many diverse spreadsheets to plan every aspect of trade, which created many isolated realities versus one cohesive plan for the company. This disorganization led to missed opportunities and frustration as the company continued to grow at a breakneck pace.


Jen stated that "post-Modus, everything lives in the same place... really we pull everything out of Modus." Using Modus turned Beyond Better Foods into a streamlined, focused, and communicative CPG powerhouse. From trade promotion to distribution and financial forecasts, along with every aspect in between, Modus Planning provides one centralized system to evaluate each part of the business. This allows employees to better understand the bigger picture and how one aspect impacts another.

"Prior to using Modus Planning, we were just constantly course correcting and fixing things versus moving forward."
Jen Haberman, COO, Enlightened

Running a brand should be fun!