Plan and Track Trade Accurately, Affordably, and Effortlessly

Modus Planning provides all of the tools you need to plan and actualize the trade spend throughout the lifecycle of the deal. Our platform combines everyday trade, promotion planning, and non-working trade into one unified view.

Some of the incredible brands That Trust Modus Planning

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It’s not just about planning,
but making sure the plan happens.

Optimize your Revenue Growth

Maximize your Trade Dollars with Smarter Planning and Tracking

A trade plan at the retailer / product level is critical. At this level of granularity we are able to overlay product-level information. With Modus Planning’s Snapshot functionality, the budget can be locked and compared to the latest plan.  

All of the Trade Buckets You Need

Modus Planning’s Trade Promotion buckets are dialed in from real-world requirements, creating a structured source of truth for the myriad of fees and charges that brands agree to as they go to market.

  • Price Promotions
  • Everyday OIs
  • Ad Spend
  • Scan Program Funding
  • Shopper Marketing
  • OI/MCB Spends
  • Cash Terms
  • Slotting Fees
  • Reclaim Allowances
  • Sales Service Agreements

Promotion Planning has never been such a breeze

With Modus Planning’s scenario planning tools, quickly create retailer-level scenarios for your planning year, changing variables such as store count, number of items on shelf, and promotion frequency. Once a scenario has been accepted, quickly calendarize it into the plan. 

Stackable promotions allow you to model a TPR, with a coupon overlay, while on an OI period. See the impacts of your promotions across gross sales, trade funding, net sales, and of course volume. For distributor MCBs or other far-reaching programs, add programs in bulk across accounts in seconds.

Easy and Quick Everyday Trade

All of the everyday OI spends and nuisance charges that you incur are now tracked in one place. With Modus’ data structure, these trade buckets are forecastable, so you can plan any business changes you need. 

Move Incredibly Fast with Automatic Forecast Recommendations

Save a lot of Time with Modus’ smart recommendations feature which will identify and refine baselines, promotion lifts, and promotional templates. Understand the recommendations’ impact to the plan and accept them accordingly. Modus understands and will flag potential out-of-stock situations to make sure your data is clean.

Actual Data Overlays Gives You the Timely Insight you Need.

Understand Trade Performance with data overlays out of the box. View actuals and forecast together for a strong YtD/YtG view of trade spend.

Trade Deductions

Yes - We Manage Deductions Too

Deductions are a pain - they're hard to decipher, a nightmare to manage, and difficult to track. With Modus Planning, all of your TPM needs are in one place, including deductions. Whether you have in-house resource, contract with a third-party, or are looking for options, we can support what you need.

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Finally, a Trade Promotion Management Application that Brings Together the Entire Business

Why Modus Planning

Upskill your team with Modus University

Everyone on Modus has access to the Modus University, a collection of courses that not only teaches you what the buttons do, but walks you through many of the best practices of forecasting and collaborative planning.

Learn Best Practices from our Experts

We’ll learn all about your business processes to craft your Modus account exactly how you need it. From there, we’ll walk you through all of the best practices that we’ve learned from the dozens of brands Modus has helped through the years.  

Start-up Friendly Terms

Onboarding fees, charges for more users, and fees for training are just not how we operate. Our goal is to make Modus Planning as accessible as possible 

We do the Heavy Lifting

In the fast-paced world of growing a CPG brand, the team has little time to onboard data. Let our experts ask a few questions then get rolling on the data onboarding process. We’ll take care of the 80/20 so your team can focus on running the business.

Case Studies

Enlightened Uses Modus Planning as the centra hub of their Sales Planning Data.

Enlightened is one of the largest purveyors of better for you snacks, known for their protein-rich ice cream pints, novelties, and other amazing treats.


Prior to using Modus Planning's cloud-based platform, Beyond Better Foods faced trade issues related to the deep fragmentation of their overall process. Rather than an integrated system to manage, Beyond Better Foods used many diverse spreadsheets to plan every aspect of trade, which created many isolated realities versus one cohesive plan for the company. This disorganization led to missed opportunities and frustration as the company continued to grow at a breakneck pace.


Jen stated that "post-Modus, everything lives in the same place... really we pull everything out of Modus." Using Modus turned Beyond Better Foods into a streamlined, focused, and communicative CPG powerhouse. From trade promotion to distribution and financial forecasts, along with every aspect in between, Modus Planning provides one centralized system to evaluate each part of the business. This allows employees to better understand the bigger picture and how one aspect impacts another.

"Prior to using Modus Planning, we were just constantly course correcting and fixing things versus moving forward."
Jen Haberman, COO, Enlightened

Running a brand should be fun!