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Sales Planning
Operations Planning
Trade Planning

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The Modus Way

A Platform That Makes Your Plan Actually Happen


Sales inputs such as assortments, baseline velocities, and promotions, are maintained while Operations manages the distribution network forecasts.

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Overlay data from across the value chain to rapidly update forecasts and truly understand the reason for a miss.

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Execute on the Plan

Validate the customer orders that are placed, build inventory based on the latest information, and ensure you send it to the right place. Never run out of stock and never spoil out.

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Modus Planning is the structured planning platform that will grow with your brand.

Check out the below applications built on top of the Modus Planning Ecosystem

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Best-in-Class visibility

Sales Planning

Plan and track retailer account performance at scale.

Understand Gross Sales Progress vs. Goal.
Scenario Plan and Calendarize Promotions.
Automated Baseline and Promo Lift Refinement.
Integrated TPM

Fully-Featured Trade Promotion Management

Scenario Planning

Build retailer scenarios with elements such as promotions, OIs, and different baseline velocities. See the effects across both gross and trade metrics. Once you have a scenario accepted by the retailer, calendarize it into the plan.

Promotion Planning

Plan price promotions, ads, features, coupons, and anything else you can dream up. Instantly see the impact to the plan across both volume and trade.

Performance Tracking

Scan data overlays allows you to gauge the promotion spend before the deduction even arrives. Leverage your scan data to quickly understand your YtD/YtG Trade and how each account is performing vs. the budget.

Deductions Management

Need help understanding and reconciling deductions? We've got you covered. Our team works with you to determine costs across both trade and supply chain categories. Then, if there's an associated promotion, we tie it out.

The old way...

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Bottom-Up Made Scalable

Demand Planning

Plan retailer demand through the inbound and outbound supply chain.

Build and Track Shipment Forecasts by Ship-To and Ship-From.
Understand Ship-to-Consumption trends.
Plan Club Rotations, Limited-Time Offers, and One-Offs.
Visionary Inventory Management

Lightweight Finished Goods
Supply Planning

Stock Requirement Planning

Working backward from the consumption plan, our variables tell you when demand needs to be available to ship by product, by site, by day.

Production Order Creation

Manage network-wide inventory by creating production orders based on days-on-hand targets. Understand past forecast and attainment performance to inform the production order.

Inbound Deployments

Allocate stock to precisely where it's needed based on the open orders and forecast, then build the trucks to get it there.

Bills of Materials

Load bills of material for both the case and unit level to instantly have a refreshed view of your raw materials requirements and product costs.


Modus Planning offers a suite of integrations with popular ERP platforms to make data imports and exports a breeze. We're always ready to take a look at your situation and build the best solution we can.

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Control your destiny

Order Validation

Make your plan happen by validating orders as they come in.

Project customer inventory Daily, weekly, or monthly.
Prevent spoilage risk before the order Even ships.
Stay in-stock by validating inventory positions.

Running a brand should be fun!